A Prophet

You want to know how to define classic film? For me, it is when it’s almost 2 years since you’ve watched that film and you still couldn’t forget the excitement of the experience. You want to relive every scene as soon as possible again. The image of its great scenes keeps playing occasionally in your head. Jacques Audiard’s A Prophet is one of them.

Im sure a lot of you already hears a lot of this ‘shit’. This is a Cannes’ 2009 second place winner (Honorably losing to the all-the-same-amazing The White Ribbon). Well, if you didn’t know a thing, here: Imagine Shawshank Redemption meet City of God. Well, the result would be more or less like this, a completely raw and brutal film about life in prison !

The story, some call it, is The Godfather set in Prison.  THE GODFATHER.  Believed the hype. This is a highly intriguing, intense, and emotionally deep motion picture. Audiard’s direction makes the film more enjoyable. his chapter division, is innovative and stylishly enough (my favorite is the last chapter: recite)

And Tahar Rahim, speaking of the glorious work of fate,the fact that he got the role of Malik el Djebena right after sharing a taxi with Jaqcues Audiard, is wondrous. his performance is so compelling , that i did not afraid to compare it with Al Pacino performances in, again,The Godfather. his character is evolving along the film. At first we just see him new in prison,just trying to survive. But as the 2 hours and 28 minutes progress, he get tougher and wiser,and every time he is onscreen, he owns it. The more surprising thing is the fact that we haven’t hearing more from this guy now..

So overall, judging by the solid story, delicate direction, and, above all, the tour-de force performance of Tahar Rahim, i still  insist that this is my definite favorite film of 2009. And, as time passing, of all time.

Oh one more thing. Alexandre Desplat’s score. Of all his works until now, this is, in my opinion, his greatest to date.

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