The Weeknd – House Of Balloons

First of all, I’m not a big fan of R&B music. But that’s not a big deal, right? Musical taste is not something to be argued anyway. The first track above, High For This, was featured on promotional teaser of HBO’s TV Series Entourage for their final season early this year. I started listen to the track on a regular basis ever since. Later this year Abel Tesfaye, better known as The Weeknd for his stage name, released the track along with another eight songs in an album named House Of Balloons. You can listen to all of them (minus it’s title-track) on a Soundcloud Player above.

Besides High For This, there are several songs I will recommend to you today. Let’s start with The Party And The After Party for his fascinating voice, seven minutes of it. Then go to The Knowing, now we’re listen to some gloomy ambience of The Weeknd’s music, the one that I never heard before, not from any R&B album I ever heard (not so many of them, actually). But songs like The Knowing and Coming Down (listen to this one carefully, there’s something fancy in the end of the song) are the reason why House Of Balloons became a different album than any other R&B albums out there. This is one album that would be able to gain wider audience for it’s uniqueness.

It’s a good release, definitely. For those never listen to R&B, like me, I’m pretty sure that you’ll love it. Get latest news from The Weeknd from his WebsiteFacebook, and Twitter. Also I remind you not to forget to subcribe our RSS for music and movie review in a daily basis. Enjoy!

The Weeknd House Of Balloons

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