Irama Rahasia dibalik Videotape-nya Radiohead

Irama yang dibuat Yorke dan kawan-kawan tersebut membutuhkan ke-jeniusan (kalau tidak mau dibilang gila) si pembuat lagu.

Sebetulnya ini bukan klip musik dari sebuah single, melainkan sebuah video yang membahas tentang sebuah lagu. Sebuah lagu dari salah satu band terbaik sepanjang masa, Radiohead.

Di sela-sela istirahat siang kemarin, saya menemukan video ini. Dipublikasikan dalam channel berita dan opini Vox, sebuah lagu berjudul Videotape dibahas dengan gaya semi-akademis namun dengan penyampaian konteks yang tidak rumit, cukup ringan.

Videotape adalah lagu paling bontot dari album In Rainbows yang dirilis tepat 10 tahun bulan Oktober kemarin. Vox mengutip penjabaran Warrenmusic yang membahas keistimewaan lagu tersebut dengan lebih detail dan panjang, Warren menyebutkan bahwa Videotape memiliki irama yang tidak biasa, irama yang mendobrak kebiasaan-kebiasaan para music-maker dalam membuat lagu. Bukan hanya itu, irama yang dibuat Yorke dan kawan-kawan tersebut membutuhkan ke-jeniusan (kalau tidak mau dibilang gila) si pembuat lagu. Karena menurut Vox dan Warren sekaligus, irama yang mereka mainkan itu sulit, dan mereka juga memberikan buktinya.

Lebih lengkapnya lagi, silahkan tonton penjabaran Vox dalam video sepanjang 10 menit di bawah ini:

Bahasan lebih “geek” lagi dalam video Warren sepanjang 30an menit di bawah ini:

Jack White – Sixteen Saltines

One of the greatest guitarists of the decade will release his solo album in couple of weeks ahead. Jack White is kind enough to give us another chance to peek on his upcoming materials, after introducing Machine Gun Silhouette in last February today I’d like to share his latest music video titled Sixteen Saltines.

Sixteen Saltines is definitely a loud track. Muscular distortion with a rapid beat. The track, I assume, is how Jack’s solo debut will sound alike. The video trying to show us about how today’s youth can be very rogue, I don’t say it’s a picture of our youth today, but Jack decided to frame that side of life. We are all agree that being young is fun, and that’s exactly what this video trying to show us, the fun can be very scary for other people that see it from a different perspective.

Sixteen Saltines taken from the upcoming debut album, Blunderbuss. Jack will release the album on April 24, from his own label called Third Man Record. You can pre-order the album from his site.

The Neighbourhood – Female Robbery

Okay, pardon me for being too much about this one, but I think the video are worth to be detached from my previous post. It’s a classic black and white music video with their lyrics printed as a classic text flashing on the screen. Already love the song, already love their logo, now I’m in love with their music video. The song is Female Robbery, first single from a band that called themself The Neighbourhood. You can read my short review about them on my previous post. Enjoy!

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Julia Holter – Moni Mon Amie

Julia Shammas Holter is Los Angeles based multi-instrumentalist, her voice and songwriting known after she released her first studio album Tragedy on August 2011. Above is a music video from her new released album Ekstasis, track title is Moni Mon Amie. Holter is defnitely productive musician, after releasing two album in 7 months period, she already planned her third album titled Gigi.

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Damon Albarn – The Marvelous Dream

Today, Damon Albarn (Blur, Gorillaz) introducing his brand new video The Marvelous Dream. The single taken from his upcoming solo album Dr. Dee, Dr. Dee will be released on May 7th this year.

Damon is kind of busy these days, there are at least four other projects which he participating, his old band Blur and Gorillaz, Lana Del Rey, and a supergroup band with Flea and Tony Allen. Well, that’s already a good news for his fans, and the most important thing is those projects serve different materials between one and another.

The Marvelous Dream is a simple track with Damon and his guitar chanting around, so does the music video. You can watc the video on a YouTube player above. It show us a building with a traffic in front of it, but I can assure you that you will never get bored. Why? Because the song is pretty good, and it’s Damon Albarn doing his solo for God sake! Enjoy.

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Sharon Van Etten – Leonard

On my previous post, we already listen to her B-Side track of this single Life Of His Own. Leonard is her first single from Sharon Van Etten third studio album Tramp. The video above is Sharon performing Leonard for Conan O’Brien show from couple days ago. Performance are excellent, and we finally find out that the song is also excellent.

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Bowerbirds – Tuck The Darkness In

We have seen the 6 minutes documentary about their daily life. The mini documentary also show us how The Clearing was made. In case you missed it, you can watch the video on my previous post about Bowerbirds. Four days ago, this fourth studio album released. In the same time, they are release their first music video from the album for public. The track titled Tuck The Darkness In, which also their first single relesed for public three months ago. I embed the track at the end of this post, in case you just want to hear the track without the video.

The idea of this music video is simple, a relationship between a young boy and fish. Start with regular fishing day in a beautiful day on the lake side. And as you already guessed, the story become noetic, along with music turns beaty. Well, it’s obviously matching Bowerbirds’ music, isn’t it? Some folk with additional violin and accordeon sounds in the background, they are blowing our mind. Enjoy!

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