Star Fucking Hipsters: From The Dumpster to The Graves

Despite how the mainstream ska trend in the early 2000s have tainted the genuine esteemed principles of the music, ska punk perseveres and stands firm in the underground scene especially in the slums of New York. “From The Dumpster To The Grave” is the third record album from the Tri-State New York punk super group STAR FUCKING HIPSTERS which features former and current members of punk rock elite bands such as Leftöver Crack, Choking Victim, Ensign, The Ergs, and The Slackers.

As an anarchist band, the group does well in creating some of the most poetic and original lyrics that are quite relevant with the current social and political issues. Mostly must be honorably credited to Stza Crack who has fronted several ska-punk bands in the new York City area from Leftöver Crack, Choking Victim, Morning Glory, and Crack Rock Steady Seven. One quality that does stand out in this band is the diverse variations of style that seamlessly blends several different genres and elements of punk, ska, and a touch of hardcore, and metal.

Immortal Technique – The Martyr

Since his debut album ‘Revolutionary Part 1’, Harlem-based rapper Felipe Coronel or better known as IMMORTAL TECHNIQUE has always been well-known to be a powerful political-conscience MC that is not afraid to speak out his left-wing idealism against government corruption and corporate greed through his music.

And It’s been three years since Immortal Technique released his latest anticipated album ‘The 3rd World’ in 2008 due to all his attention being more passionately concentrated towards engaging humanitarian activism across the globe. But it does not mean Technique has forgotten his fans and their thirst to be intellectually inspired by his lyrics. Recently, Immortal Technique released a free 16-track mixtape of never-before-heard materials produced DJ Green Lantern and Southpaw. (download here at official Viper Records or Mediafire )

Not only is it free, but the mixtape features an impressive cast of distinguished MCs such as Brother Ali, Dead Prez, Killer Mike, Chuck D, and many more. Immortal Technique has remained politically agressive and incredibly vicious with his socially-conscious lyrics. The bar is raised on the dramatically paced track “Civil War” with Killer Mike, Chuck D, and Brother Ali. With the ongoing series of Occupy Wall Street demonstrations, Immortal Technique has picked a no better time to release the track “Rich Man’s World (1%)”. But my personal favorite from this mixtape is none other than “Eyes in the Sky” featuring Mojo of Dujeous that sampled the same-titled original by The Alan Parson Project with an awing introduction. (track 3 in Soundcloud below)

Immortal Technique – The Martyr – The GYMRblog Singles by GYMRblog