Dirty Projectors – The Gun Has No Trigger

Dirty Projectors

First of all, that title are catchy. Yes I did clicking the play button on their track from my Soundloud stream just because the title are catchy. I was wondering about the lyrics, I thought it would be very depressing, something about a guy who have problem telling something to someone. Another romance cliche, with emo style. But then, I was wrong. The Gun Has No Trigger might be part of the upcoming album, Swing Lo Magellan.

Dave Longstreth, the singer, gifted with this remarkable voice and he is singing the whole song nicely. My thought about the guy with a romantical problem was right actually, yet how they are represent the story are beyond my expectation. The Gun Has No Trigger is an amazing track, the band doing great job writing this song. It was written in a Dylan style, and we all know that Dylan never fails anyone. I find myself overwhelmed, caught by classic romance through a band like Fastball. A looping beat with some beautiful harmonies in the backgroud and a soul vibe from Dave’s vocal. Dave singing reminds me of Tony Scalzo, that’s why I mentioning Fastball at the first place.

Dirty Projectors wil reaching their first decade in music next year, they already giving us awesome musics since released their first vinyl in 2003. For those didn’t know about Dirty Projectors before, you should start looking for their musics from now on. Their 2010 project with Bjork would be a good start, Mount Wittenberg Orca, it was released in a digital copy only and I’m sure you will easily find it on the net. Dave is a hars guy sometimes, if you remember his words on Zappa and Classic Rock, but then it’s all true that he is a great songwriter. Well, people has their own way on expressing their thoughts. Enjoy!

The Neighbourhood – Female Robbery

Okay, pardon me for being too much about this one, but I think the video are worth to be detached from my previous post. It’s a classic black and white music video with their lyrics printed as a classic text flashing on the screen. Already love the song, already love their logo, now I’m in love with their music video. The song is Female Robbery, first single from a band that called themself The Neighbourhood. You can read my short review about them on my previous post. Enjoy!

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The Neighbourhood

I think i found hell,
I think i found something,
I think i found something in my TV screen.

That’s an intro from an ear-catchy single titled Female Robbery. Female Robbery is a song by The Neighbourhood, and yes, it’s the first time I heard about them too. You never heard about them, neither do I, but one thing for sure we should give their songs a listen.

Nothing more I can tell you about this band besides that they are Californian and playing a good music. Their songwriting is good either, it’s a “girl getter” lyric they have on both Female Robbery and Sweater Weather, but hey, they deliver those words in a fancy way without being cheesy and annoying. Go get a listen, Female Robbery posted two months ago while Sweater Weather were posted on March 27th.

Their music is unique, it’s a mixture of indie-pop with a little bit hip-hop. Vocal delivery are potential to be a niche for their musical career, if you remember how Lily Allen singing her songs, then their vocalist will remind you of her (in a male voices, of course). You will heard that most of the song are filled with steady beat in a very slow pace. Guitar and bass are doing the same, only few chord repeating, and then we heard the vocal repertoire chanting in a clear voice intriguing our ears without a doubt, word by word.

I see no album release date yet, but this one obviously going into my watch list. Enjoy!

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The Way We Were in 1989 – Floating Islands


Introducing Kelly Dale and Joyell Dunay, a duo from Seattle who enjoy playing a lo-fi folk music for The Way We Were In 1989 (TWWWI ’89). The duo been around since they released their self titled album in 2010, debut goes pretty well and I have several favorite songs like Mother Wants Her Jewelry Back and I Feel Strong.

Their second album titled Floating Island and schedule to be released in the end of April this year. Brian from Team Pegasus  kind enough for give me a listen to the upcoming album, and yes, I’m happy listening to their new materials. My favorite song is Come Around, but I’m affraid you guys have to wait untill Floating Island release date because it doesn’t featured in their Bandcamp player as a playable track. Meanwhile, have a listen to their other tracks below, Rock & Roll will give you a deep impression both music and the lyric, while Cleanse will give you an example of how lo-fi electronic pop music are able to make your mind abstractly “dancing” to the sound. Enjoy!

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Julia Holter – Moni Mon Amie

Julia Shammas Holter is Los Angeles based multi-instrumentalist, her voice and songwriting known after she released her first studio album Tragedy on August 2011. Above is a music video from her new released album Ekstasis, track title is Moni Mon Amie. Holter is defnitely productive musician, after releasing two album in 7 months period, she already planned her third album titled Gigi.

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Damon Albarn – The Marvelous Dream

Today, Damon Albarn (Blur, Gorillaz) introducing his brand new video The Marvelous Dream. The single taken from his upcoming solo album Dr. Dee, Dr. Dee will be released on May 7th this year.

Damon is kind of busy these days, there are at least four other projects which he participating, his old band Blur and Gorillaz, Lana Del Rey, and a supergroup band with Flea and Tony Allen. Well, that’s already a good news for his fans, and the most important thing is those projects serve different materials between one and another.

The Marvelous Dream is a simple track with Damon and his guitar chanting around, so does the music video. You can watc the video on a YouTube player above. It show us a building with a traffic in front of it, but I can assure you that you will never get bored. Why? Because the song is pretty good, and it’s Damon Albarn doing his solo for God sake! Enjoy.

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Of Montreal – Feminine Effects

Of Montreal - Feminine Effects

The fifth Record Store Day is coming this year with Iggy Pop as their Official Ambassador, some artist start promoting their special release for the occasion, Of Montreal is one of them. On the third week of April, Of Montreal will release this track on a 7″ split with Deerhoof, the 7″ titled A Filthy Fifth.

The track actually recorded on 2008, been performed few times on Of Montreal’s gigs and its raw material already hitting YouTube. Feminine Effects is another balads that has been predicted to make a hit later that day, I myself waiting too long for this track to be released on their album, untill couple days ago. On March 16th, Of Montreal was kind enough to give us another listen to this track. You can also listen via a SoundCloud player below. It’s a beutiful song, with a smooth guitar sweeps that will make your hearth smile. Enjoy!

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