Pada musim panas 2009 lalu, seorang mahasiswa sekolah film bernama Charlie Ruez membuat sebuah dokumenter tentang seorang berandalan (thug) bernama Terry. Tidak lama setelah itu, dokumenter tersebut dijadikan bukti dalam serangkaian kasus kejahatan jalanan oleh kepolisian London. Terry, adalah bagaimana semua hal itu bisa terjadi.

Sedikit mengingatkan saya akan The Blair Witch Project, dimana satu kamera menceritakan keseluruhan film dari awal sampai akhir, mengikuti tokoh utama dan semua hal yang dia lakukan. Hanya saja, kali ini kita tidak disuguhkan ‘gambar hantu yang tidak ada’ melainkan sebuah keseharian seorang berandalan yang memakai obat-obatan, menghisap ganja, minum minuman keras, berhubungan seks, menghancurkan sebuah pesta, dan sesuatu seperti memukul kepala orang dengan botol bir. Terry, adalah sebuah dokumenter yang penuh kekerasan di sana-sini. Ruez dengan elegan membimbing kita untuk melihat sudut lain kota London, sesuatu yang ditemui beberapa orang London dalam kesehariannya.

Cerita seperti ini pernah kita temui dalam sebuah cult karya Danny Boyle, Trainspotting (1996). Penggambaran tentang keseharian seseorang yang dicap ‘sampah’ oleh sebagian lingkungannya namun sekaligus dianggap ‘guru’ oleh sebagian lainnya. Sampai pada akhirnya kita mengerti, semua yang dilakukan Terry (dan Renton di Trainspotting) adalah sesuatu yang menjadi semacam ‘keharusan’ untuk bertahan hidup atau setidaknya mendapatkan rasa hormat dari lingkungan sekitarnya.

Pun ini adalah sebuah fiksi dari non-fiksi, sebuah dokumenter yang tidak nyata, sutradara-penulis sekaligus aktor dari film ini, Nick Nevern, berhasil menebarkan ketegangan khas dokumenter di sepanjang film. Nevern kita kenal konsisten ikut ambil bagian dalam film-film tentang kehidupan kota London kelas menengah ke bawah, baik itu dalam film pendek, film lepas maupun serial yang tayang di Inggris sana, satu film Nevern lain yang akan tayang 2012 ini berjudul White Collar Hooligan juga mengambil tema yang hampir mirip dengan Terry.

St. Vincent – Krokodil

Annie Clark (St. Vincent) - Krokodil

Annie Erin Clark, better known as her stage name St. Vincent, release her 7″ on latest Record Store Day three days ago. The 7″ titled Krokodil and contain two singles titled Krokodil and Grot, thanks to a random guy on YouTube we can listen to the songs below. We have a review about her remarkable third album, Strange Mercy, none of these songs were included on her previous album. Enjoy!

Jack White – Blunderbuss

Jack White - Blunderbuss

Our patience has paid, former White Stripes’ frontman Jack White will (officially) release his first solo album tomorrow, April 24th 2012. The album already released on iTunes last week, you can stream the whole album on his iTunes channel or from a Grooveshark player below. Enjoy!

Jack White’s Blunderbuss by Review Bastard on Grooveshark

Conveyor – Maine


I’m so sad, I don’t have much time for the blog. Many thing happened in the past three weeks that took almost all of my time, not to mention works and thesis. I believe our contributor friends are doing pretty busy either. I’m so sorry for those sent me their music, I will try to post them one by one. Now, let’s give something a listen today.

Maine is a B-Side of new 7″ vinyl from Conveyor, Mane. Don’t get confused, their A-Side contain one track titled Mane, and the other side contain a different track titled Maine. The band kinda reminds me of Architecture in Helsinki, you can listen to the tracks at the end of this post.

Conveyor is a brilliant rookie, I bet you will have the same assumption after listening to their tracks below. Mane is something that prepared pretty well, it has decent song structure and a neat sound, while Maine is more like one antique material that you will find in three or four album releases (while these guys don’t have any). Listen to the intro section of Maine, a long and layered whimsical chimes that tickling our ears trying to build an ambience, but suddenly when we think the track is going to be full on ambient, an accoustic guitar kicking in, along with two layered vocal and unique sounds that will make you happy. Oh this song’s definitely going to be one of best releases of 2012.

The Mane 7″ is available for pre-order from Gold Robot Records here and is pressed on limited to 500 white wax. The 7″ will be their first official release, and their EP will follow later this year. Remarkable music, we shall give them a warm welcome. Enjoy!

Connect with Conveyor Facebook | Website | Bandcamp | Soundcloud

Jack White – Sixteen Saltines

One of the greatest guitarists of the decade will release his solo album in couple of weeks ahead. Jack White is kind enough to give us another chance to peek on his upcoming materials, after introducing Machine Gun Silhouette in last February today I’d like to share his latest music video titled Sixteen Saltines.

Sixteen Saltines is definitely a loud track. Muscular distortion with a rapid beat. The track, I assume, is how Jack’s solo debut will sound alike. The video trying to show us about how today’s youth can be very rogue, I don’t say it’s a picture of our youth today, but Jack decided to frame that side of life. We are all agree that being young is fun, and that’s exactly what this video trying to show us, the fun can be very scary for other people that see it from a different perspective.

Sixteen Saltines taken from the upcoming debut album, Blunderbuss. Jack will release the album on April 24, from his own label called Third Man Record. You can pre-order the album from his site.

Dirty Projectors – The Gun Has No Trigger

Dirty Projectors

First of all, that title are catchy. Yes I did clicking the play button on their track from my Soundloud stream just because the title are catchy. I was wondering about the lyrics, I thought it would be very depressing, something about a guy who have problem telling something to someone. Another romance cliche, with emo style. But then, I was wrong. The Gun Has No Trigger might be part of the upcoming album, Swing Lo Magellan.

Dave Longstreth, the singer, gifted with this remarkable voice and he is singing the whole song nicely. My thought about the guy with a romantical problem was right actually, yet how they are represent the story are beyond my expectation. The Gun Has No Trigger is an amazing track, the band doing great job writing this song. It was written in a Dylan style, and we all know that Dylan never fails anyone. I find myself overwhelmed, caught by classic romance through a band like Fastball. A looping beat with some beautiful harmonies in the backgroud and a soul vibe from Dave’s vocal. Dave singing reminds me of Tony Scalzo, that’s why I mentioning Fastball at the first place.

Dirty Projectors wil reaching their first decade in music next year, they already giving us awesome musics since released their first vinyl in 2003. For those didn’t know about Dirty Projectors before, you should start looking for their musics from now on. Their 2010 project with Bjork would be a good start, Mount Wittenberg Orca, it was released in a digital copy only and I’m sure you will easily find it on the net. Dave is a hars guy sometimes, if you remember his words on Zappa and Classic Rock, but then it’s all true that he is a great songwriter. Well, people has their own way on expressing their thoughts. Enjoy!

The Neighbourhood – Female Robbery

Okay, pardon me for being too much about this one, but I think the video are worth to be detached from my previous post. It’s a classic black and white music video with their lyrics printed as a classic text flashing on the screen. Already love the song, already love their logo, now I’m in love with their music video. The song is Female Robbery, first single from a band that called themself The Neighbourhood. You can read my short review about them on my previous post. Enjoy!

Connect with The Neighbourhood Facebook | Twitter | Last.fm | Website | Soundcloud