Washed Out – Flower Anthem

The name is  Ernest Greene and he’s enjoy playing glo-fi music (chillwave). His debut album Within and Without released on July 12, 2011, and reached 6th place on the Billboard Rock albums chart. Like any other chillwave musician, Greene add a lot of effects processing, synthesizers, looping, and sampling to his music along with heavily filtered vocals with simple melodic lines. Not a popular genre indeed, the music is so slow with less noise on it. Kinda frustating for those who used to listen for upbeat and or loud music, so stay away from him (if you are) rockers!

The video is accompaniment to Washed Out‘s recent Daytrotter session. Directed by Karina Eibatova, I enjoy the video as much as I enjoy the track. And you, Saturday night loners, will enjoy it as well. I dedicated this one for us. LOL. It features a one-shot, slow-motion take of a woman taking flowers out of her mouth and putting them on her face through those ambient sound. Enjoy!

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