TOPS – Double Vision


TOPS is Montreal based band that raised by their solid local scene, four-piece of passionate young Canadian that always happy to share a good music with us. I found it while blog walking to Gorilla vs. Bear, and falling in love with Jane’s voice at a first hear. So I dug deeper, and found the rest of their music on their Bandcamp page.

Double Vison taken from their upcoming album, a very quiet sound with a smooth vocal that will take you to the cloud. Grimes from GvB said that their music usually crazy and upbeat, well not this one as he also said. We’ll see how their album sounds alike in a couple of months, and I will share with you as soon as the album released.

The digging also give me another advantage, find out that TOPS’s label Arbutus Records just released a compilation named Montreal Compilation Volume I. Give me some time to listen to it, and will be back soon to you with some thoughts. Meanwhile, here’s a song from TOPS that I’ve mentioned before. Enjoy.

Connect with TOPS via Arbutus Records Soundcloud | Bandcamp

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