The Way We Were in 1989 – Floating Islands


Introducing Kelly Dale and Joyell Dunay, a duo from Seattle who enjoy playing a lo-fi folk music for The Way We Were In 1989 (TWWWI ’89). The duo been around since they released their self titled album in 2010, debut goes pretty well and I have several favorite songs like Mother Wants Her Jewelry Back and I Feel Strong.

Their second album titled Floating Island and schedule to be released in the end of April this year. Brian from Team Pegasus  kind enough for give me a listen to the upcoming album, and yes, I’m happy listening to their new materials. My favorite song is Come Around, but I’m affraid you guys have to wait untill Floating Island release date because it doesn’t featured in their Bandcamp player as a playable track. Meanwhile, have a listen to their other tracks below, Rock & Roll will give you a deep impression both music and the lyric, while Cleanse will give you an example of how lo-fi electronic pop music are able to make your mind abstractly “dancing” to the sound. Enjoy!

Pre-order Floating Islands: Amazon | Bandcamp

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