The Neighbourhood

I think i found hell,
I think i found something,
I think i found something in my TV screen.

That’s an intro from an ear-catchy single titled Female Robbery. Female Robbery is a song by The Neighbourhood, and yes, it’s the first time I heard about them too. You never heard about them, neither do I, but one thing for sure we should give their songs a listen.

Nothing more I can tell you about this band besides that they are Californian and playing a good music. Their songwriting is good either, it’s a “girl getter” lyric they have on both Female Robbery and Sweater Weather, but hey, they deliver those words in a fancy way without being cheesy and annoying. Go get a listen, Female Robbery posted two months ago while Sweater Weather were posted on March 27th.

Their music is unique, it’s a mixture of indie-pop with a little bit hip-hop. Vocal delivery are potential to be a niche for their musical career, if you remember how Lily Allen singing her songs, then their vocalist will remind you of her (in a male voices, of course). You will heard that most of the song are filled with steady beat in a very slow pace. Guitar and bass are doing the same, only few chord repeating, and then we heard the vocal repertoire chanting in a clear voice intriguing our ears without a doubt, word by word.

I see no album release date yet, but this one obviously going into my watch list. Enjoy!

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