Tall Tall Trees – Moment

Tall Tall Trees - Moment

This is an emotional album from Brooklyn based folk-rock band, Tall Tall Trees. Their singer-songwriter, Mike Savino, added heavier lyrics into their second studio album, Moment. The music goes experimental, though. Electrical banjo, with some shredding guitars all over this album. Listen to Highwire, where their comforting tunes coming to a mess in the of the track. You will find a reverb ambience in Alaska, feels lil’ bit weird when suddenly an intricating guitar comes along. But then, banjo from Men and Mountains get through my ears. Men and Mountains definitely a folk balads, yet escorted by some ambience loop on the background. Complicated, but still fascinating. This, I recommend you to hear.

Savino’s banjo and his throaty vocals are two things that will make Tall Tall Trees blow your mind, the man can sing you a folk, but then you’ll find some indie-pop or even space-rock! Go listen to Wake the Moon, and you will find it’s true. And here’s come my favorite track of the album, Lonely Weekend. The song’s awesome, listen to it two or three times, and you’ll find yourself singalong through the song. Waiting on the Day is pretty decent either, I love its bluesy tunes lifting up my mood.

So, if you’re planning to spend a weekend travelling around the city, don’t forget to put Moments on your car stereo. And remember to give some friends a listen too, that’d be very kind, sharing a good music with your friends definitely a joy to behold. Enjoy!

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