Of Montreal – Dour Percentage

of Montreal - Paralytic Stalks

The psychedelic pop funk group from Georgia ready to release their new album sometime soon, and yesterday they were kind enough to give us a glimpse of their new material, you can listen to the song at the end of this post. The teaser titled “Dour Percentage” and like I said before, the song is taken from their upcoming album “Paralytic Stalks” that will be available in stores on February 7. According to Wikipedia the band is planning to release the album in several formats, including: Digital, CD, Cassette, Vinyl, and a special-edition “Fuchsia Purple” vinyl, which is limited to 1,500 copies. All physical versions of the album will feature free digital downloads, they said.

It’s a little bit dark I think, at least the intro and when it comes to the end told me so, not to mention the lyric. It seems Kevin’s lyricism are returns to the confessional style like we already heard on their 8th album “Hissing Fauna, Are You the Destroyer?”, he was entailing dark topics such as revenge, self-hatred, and his painful relationship with his closest person. It has been called his most personal recording ever! Even so the sax is quite impressing, and thanks to the flute and their particular beat we can still enjoy it like any other Of Montreal‘s songs. Yup, it’s still danceable. Enjoy!

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