Nite Jewel – In The Dark

Series of female musician I’ve reviewed before this seems likely turn me into specific genre-oriented or just simply a fanboy of a certain “things” in music. Well I’m not. What happening here are how I find difficult not to see a good music without brought by majority. The fact is there are less male musician surfacing rather than female musician these days. Well, I hope I’m wrong about that. It’s only first quarter of 2012, nobody knows what’s comming, yes?

Anyway, Nite Jewel original name is Ramona Gonzalez. An electro-pop Los Angeles based musician, she writes her own songs since started her musical career in 2008. Today, the singer/songwriter release her second studio album called One Second of Love. The single below, In The Dark, is part of the album. One Second of Love seems like recorded with a decent preparation, it still have “lucid dream” sound on it, yet if we compared this one to her previous releases we’ll have a quite difference on how she represent her music. I’m also including her title-track video above, so you have at least more track to listen to.

The album released today by  Secretly Canadian, you may find it on Insound Vinyl for the vinyl, of course, or visiting her eMusic page for its digital release.

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