Karen O – Stop The Virgens

Karen O of Yeah Yeah Yeahs been hiding something from us, an awesome solo album that never released since it made on 2005. Lucky for us, Karen decided to mount the album into her theatrical project titled Stop The Virgens, the project performed on October last year at St. Ann’s Warehouse, NY. This “psycho opera” was part of the big Creators Project event in New York. Directed by Adam Rapp, Stop The Virgens becoming Karen’s autobiographical journey, she’s putting it all out there in that way. The psycho-opera, produced by The Studio, is an extremely multi-disciplinary and chaotic visual treat as it combines theater with rock music, enhanced with video projections and technology. If you’re ever listen to Yeah Yeah Yeahs’ songs, you probably already guessed about how the project goes.

Another good news for us, the whole process of the project are well documented. The video above is first part of the documentary of how the project was created untill it debuted couple months ago. There are several songs from her unreleased solo, that you will find them very personal for Karen, featured in this docs. There are also couple of interviews with her and the crews, both music making and the opera, and how Karen and the opera project become in their point of views. You can visit this link for the second part. Enjoy!

Karen O - Stop The Virgens

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