Jack White – Sixteen Saltines

One of the greatest guitarists of the decade will release his solo album in couple of weeks ahead. Jack White is kind enough to give us another chance to peek on his upcoming materials, after introducing Machine Gun Silhouette in last February today I’d like to share his latest music video titled Sixteen Saltines.

Sixteen Saltines is definitely a loud track. Muscular distortion with a rapid beat. The track, I assume, is how Jack’s solo debut will sound alike. The video trying to show us about how today’s youth can be very rogue, I don’t say it’s a picture of our youth today, but Jack decided to frame that side of life. We are all agree that being young is fun, and that’s exactly what this video trying to show us, the fun can be very scary for other people that see it from a different perspective.

Sixteen Saltines taken from the upcoming debut album, Blunderbuss. Jack will release the album on April 24, from his own label called Third Man Record. You can pre-order the album from his site.

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