Islands – Hallways

This is probably my first candidate for best music video of 2012. An edgy music video from Canadian band, Islands. The track, Hallways, is their first single taken from their  fourth album A Sleep And A Forgetting (released Feb 14th). I love the way they visualizing a simple idea on this video, band of skeletons with their large skull playing around with musical instruments. Kodus for the bass player, he is the one with an epic performance and always make me laugh everytime he gets on frame. It’s a good video, along with a good music. I insist you to press play button on the YouTube player above.

Islands formed in 2005 in Montreal, they are currently based in Los Angeles, California. Their previous three albums are Returns To The Sea,  Arm’s Way, and Vapours. Since Hallways sounds pretty good, I will look into their new album soon. And, hopefully, will able to share with you guys here. Enjoy!

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