Hip Hatchet – Sing Me A Reprise

Back to 2010, many music blogs told us about someone who sing and write songs like Leonard Cohen. They are talking about Philippe Bronchtein, the man known as Hip Hatchet. His debut album Men Who Share My Name gain many good reviews back in 2010, its pure folk that hit music critics on their first thought. While the deepness of Hatchet’s lyrics simply told us about life and all its hardship. Moreover, Bronchtein playing folk on its basic shape, a simple accoustic guitar and a depth of his vocal.

Sing Me a Reprise is part of his upcoming album, Joy and Better Days. Sing Me a Reprise reperesent Bronchtein typical on lyrical writing, a powerful line with a deep senses. The track also well played, slow playing music so we can go deep into every single word on it. I bet the whole album will sound like this one, which definitely will be a good thing.

So, this is a proof that my previous thought was wrong. There are so many talented male musician floating these days, I just didn’t browse much. I recommend Hip Hatchet for your March playlist, and looking forward to his upcoming release that will come to us in a couple of months. Meanwhile, have a listen to this precious matter. Enjoy!

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