Grass Widow

Video above is Milo Minutes “Milo Minute”, two minutes of three girls, catchy tunes and Gorillas. Three girls with the catchy tunes are Grass Widow playing their split from previous 7″ that released early last year “Milo Minutes”, while the gorillas are permanent resident of Franklin Park Zoo. Enough talking about gorillas, let’s talk about those three talented musicians. Grass Widow is a group of three female musicians from San Fransisco, they are Hannah Lew, Raven Mahon, and Lillian Maring. The band started their music on 2007, and rumored will have an album release on February this year. As the rumor became true, couple days ago they are introducing their first track for the forthcoming album “Nature” actually it’s a split 7 inch record with a band called Nature. You can hear the track “Disappearing Industries” below.

“Disappearing Industries” definitely the best thing the band ever done, it’s deceptive, windy and it has more catchy tunes. Better songwriting and more complicated music arrangement with a clearer sound. Their 7 inch split record Nature scheduled to be release on 28 February 2012, and already available for pre-order at M’lady’s.

*Thanks Mike for his corrective comment*


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  1. Man, lots of errors in this article. First, the video is for a song called Milo Minute, not Minutes. Second, they do not have an album called Nature coming out on February 28th. It is a split 7 inch record with a band called Nature. One song for each band. Disappearing Industries is the name of the Grass Widow track and In a Place is Nature’s song.

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