Creepy “Another Bed” Music Video by The Twilight Sad

At first impression, it is easy to unintentionally mistaken The Twilight Sad’s sound character as an another band. Most likely, a popular one. But surely, it is impossible not to notice the thick Scottish accent of vocalist James Graham that makes this group a band of its own along with sonic noise of Andy MacFarlane’s shoegazing guitar. Despite their standard template of songs, the band manage to infuse a vigorous stylistic touch  of ecstasy into their sound.

Early February 2012, the band released their third studio album ‘No One Can Ever Know’ under Fat Cat Records, a label particularly known with rosters such as Sigur Rós, Animal Collective, and Vashti Bunyan. “Another Bed” is the second single to be taken from this album. Although there is a stylistic shift from their previous albums, the band remains to provide an amusing appeal with a more thick industrial influence with the band describes as “folk with layers of noise.” But what intrigues me the most from this album is actually the music video concept lavish with such eerie vibes solely credited by the brilliant disturbing performance from Stuart Warwick, a fellow musician as well.

Not much is to say other than get ready to be creeped out by this lovely music video.

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