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I’m so sad, I don’t have much time for the blog. Many thing happened in the past three weeks that took almost all of my time, not to mention works and thesis. I believe our contributor friends are doing pretty busy either. I’m so sorry for those sent me their music, I will try to post them one by one. Now, let’s give something a listen today.

Maine is a B-Side of new 7″ vinyl from Conveyor, Mane. Don’t get confused, their A-Side contain one track titled Mane, and the other side contain a different track titled Maine. The band kinda reminds me of Architecture in Helsinki, you can listen to the tracks at the end of this post.

Conveyor is a brilliant rookie, I bet you will have the same assumption after listening to their tracks below. Mane is something that prepared pretty well, it has decent song structure and a neat sound, while Maine is more like one antique material that you will find in three or four album releases (while these guys don’t have any). Listen to the intro section of Maine, a long and layered whimsical chimes that tickling our ears trying to build an ambience, but suddenly when we think the track is going to be full on ambient, an accoustic guitar kicking in, along with two layered vocal and unique sounds that will make you happy. Oh this song’s definitely going to be one of best releases of 2012.

The Mane 7″ is available for pre-order from Gold Robot Records here and is pressed on limited to 500 white wax. The 7″ will be their first official release, and their EP will follow later this year. Remarkable music, we shall give them a warm welcome. Enjoy!

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