Clap Your Hands Say Yeah – Hysterical

It’s been years since I listen to their debut album in 2005, Alec Ounsworth‘s songs gave me weird habit since: dancing through my way to school, on a motorcycle! Well, the indie-rock bands were all over the radio those days, and Clap Your Hands Say Yeah is one of them. Seven years elapsed, and here are they with a new video from their third studio album, Hysterical. The album released on September 20th last year, and this video is their first official video released from Hysterical.

Nothing’s change from how they playing their music, it’s still indie-rock with amusing additional sound here and there. I included Maniac (their first single from the album) and Same Mistake so you can listen and give a thought about how the album sounds alike. The music video taken from their title-track, Hysterical, three minutes of edgy visual exploration. Dark yet colorful, you might find it abstract and not related to the song itself. But hey, this is how music video these days I assume, people tend to break the patterns.

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