Chino Moreno’s †​†† second EP

Say what you will about Deftones frontman Chino Moreno – whether it be scrutinizing his vocals as whiny (say what?) or physically mocking his chubbiness (well, its true) – but the man and his band have served loyal fans by all their might and magic with a distinguished sound that cannot be imitated or simply generalized with a generic stylistic stereotype … other than “this is effin def-rock!

Despite his success with his core band, Moreno remains hard at work on songs for his side project ‘†​††’​( pronounced ‘Crosses’) with Far guitarist Shaun Lopez. Although their first EP released on mid-2011 did not receive much spectacle from the general music scene, but fans of his previous project ‘Team Sleep’ did appreciate and admire Chino’s alter passion for  a more laid back ambient with sophisticated sonic vibe. Late January 2012, Chino and Shaun issued their second EP dubbed ‘EP ††’.

For fans of Deftones, it is exactly the same as what you thought about the Team Sleep project; it’s very un-metal. It would be a waste of time comparing this side project with whatever idealistic idea you have about Chino Moreno in Deftones. But for those who can appreciate Moreno beyond the aggressive providence of Deftones piquancy – that is his fluidly resonating and soothing vocal work which is just too sexy and hypnotizing for metal in the first place –  the latest †​†† EP is definitely a remarkable gem worthy to be played and listened over and over and over.

Their first single ‘Prurien†’ is free to download in their
website or from the above soundcloud player (click the down arrow on the right side) . It’s an ethereal beat-centered trippy song with layers of dreamy nuances that feels just so celestial that it is unavoidable to easily lose yourself in this song.

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  1. Well, it’s more suprising than Stef’s Sol Invicto. Good materials indeed, both Stef’s and Chino’s, these Deftones guys never fails me. Kudos! anyway, glad to have you around again, bro. 😀

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