Adios Nine


Adios Nine

Formed last year, Adios Nine is a band of talented musicians based in Jakarta, Indonesia. Guntur Indra, Muhammad Pandu, Risky Syah, and Yan Sabri already released two EPs, Pundit Bandit on August 2011 and Sleepers And Dreamers on December 2011. You can hear both EPs at the bottom of this post, or download it straight from their Bandcamp page.

Both Pundit Bandit and Sleepers And Dreamers are easy musics for your ear, nothing’s knotty, a casual pop songs suitable for your weekend evening. Fancy guitar playing with a bold vocal department, jolly beat, and we shall not forget the catchy tunes from additional instruments here and there. Sounds like Belle And Sebastian, which made ​​me conclude that they should consider adding some piano tunes for their upcoming album. I recommend Pundit Bandit and We Can’t Live Forever that will anesthetize you right away.

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