Le Dîner De Cons

The “schmucks” predecessor who actually gives a damn about quality –

Practically the script in this film is very well written, unlike the other version, the newer in particular. Francais Veber, the screenwriter concurrently as well as a director tighten the structure of the movie, and for some reason it actually work. You’ll see bliss in realness of the character.

The wealthy editor Pierre Brochant (Thierry Lhermitte) and his associate have a strange way to spend the evening. Every Wednesday, each one of them invites the strangely-unique imbecile blokes he can find for a dinner, where each one of the guests is invited to talk about himself and what they do, for a gag. Pierre invites François Pignon (Jacques Villeret), employee at Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and build matchstick maquettes for a hobby. In the meantime, Brochant broke his back at the golf course, and for that cause, unfortunately he can’t make it to the dinner. Instead, he stays alone with solicitous, clumsy and the imbecile Pignon in his apartment.

The film beautifully crafted with classy director, magnificent talent, and well constructed script. Fortunately, it started as a theater plays Veber also writes, and for that matter he conceive every little detail about the story ins and outs. For that matters he gives us the simplicity of the appropriate comedy. Lhermitte and Villeret plays the character undeniably au naturel.

It’s not even fair for this film compared with Roach’s Dinner For Schmucks. But still it’s only a matter of choice, which one do you fancy?, the original or slightly adapted?.

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