Zechs Marquise – Getting Paid

Taking its name from one of the most glorified mobil Suit pilot of the popular Japanese anime Gundam Wing, ZECHS MARQUISE is another band from El Paso, Texas that is worthy to be praised as the the new disciples of progressive rock following the footsteps of Mars Volta. Taking roots from the same town is not a coincidence though, because like a family affair, three members of the band – Marcel, Marfred, and Rikardo – share the same bloodline and surname as the prog-rock messiah Omar Rodriguez-Lopez of Mars Volta.

Formed in 2004, Zechs Marquise created a buzz throughout the music scene with their 2009 full album debut  “Our Delicate Stranded Nightmare.” The album was complex, strange, but yet beautiful because of its experimental and psychedelic elements that didn’t depend much on vocal work. After two years of touring and recording new materials, their second full album “Getting Paid” has come forth this year with a far cleaner and engaging recording compared to the first. One glimpse of the album cover will surely give you a good indication of what vibe the album illustrates: funk rock madness with a taste of Latin melody that is progessively enlightening and electrifying. Listening this while driving through streets makes you feel like you’re  prowling through the mean streets of  1970’s Harlem.


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