Emily Brown – This Goes With Us

Introducing Emily Brown. Started her music career in Utah, she’s currently live in London on a study abroad program with her college. Her hometown Rancho Mirage, California, seems very influential for her music. Many of her (well written) songs are about living a teenage life in Southern California, the place where she grew up and start playing piano at the age of 8. She was into poem at 10, and then put together her writting into music at 12.

The fact that she moved to Utah with its thick musical atmosphere on 2009 open up opportunities for her musical career to grow. She often played gigs at her college, some showcases and of course her own shows around the town. On April 2011 she released her first album “This Goes With Us”, you can find the whole sets at the bottom of this post. Listen to this sets and you’ll find Regina Spektor to Tori Amos, some blogs I read even compare her writting to Leonard Cohen’s.  She herself said that it was influenced by Simon and Garfunkel and Feist (of course).

There are just guitar, piano and her unique voice on the record, but that’s all she needs to show us that she is (obviously) a talented musician. You will also find this classic, and some jazzy tunes that would make you comfortably happy to add the whole record into your playlist. Enjoy!

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