BOY – Mutual Friends

Saturday is good day for me to discover some new music for my playlist. And here’s one of them. Introducing BOY, pop-songwriters duo made up of Zurich-born Valeska Steiner and Sonja Glass from Hamburg. Don’t be fooled by their girly appearance, though that was the reason I started to listen for the album, their major charm are definitely their music. This is not girlband in common, this is BOY.

Mutual Friends released September this year, including previous single Waitress along with another 11 songs. The album itself are really neat, clear vocal with some playful sounds that will make you happy. Elegant like Phoenix, as melodic as Feist, yet also deep like Bon Iver. Boris, Waltz For Pony, and Silver Streets, are tracks to hear. But, well, listen to the whole album instead.

Mutual Friends is easy, since we’re talking about pop music, there’s no complicated lyrics but I can assure you that their music doesn’t sounds delicate at all. By easy, I mean you don’t have to put it in your special occasion playlist. You can always hear Mutual Friends everytime you want and wherever you are. Buy their album here, or you can start with their nice music videos below. Enjoy!

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