Adele – 21

Who doesn’t love adele?  Well, maybe her ex boyfriends.

We all do love her, we all feel like finally someone with a great vocal and emotion, speak our hearts in a words we would never thought about in a tunes that is mostly fits and singable, or at least hummable.

First week of listening to the 21 album released in circa January 2011, i loved it. I played it everywhere. My most favorite place to listen to it is in a car with maximum volume, i scream the lyrics out loud like a pathetic bitch. I still love it, actually. When she made statements about ‘has made the strongest songs in 2011’ when it’s only January, i thought, yes. It’s no bragging. It’s true. Rumour Has It, Rolling In The Deep, Set Fire To The Rain, and the outmost Someone Like You, are indeed the strongest songs in 2011. No one could deny it. The album is full of no. 1 hits, in charts, and in hearts. The hearts of broken hearted people, which by the way, increasing ragingly in past years. I mean, we all feel miserable. In same way. Love sucks. No dealing with it. Social medias made it simpler for broken hearted youngsters and middle aged and no kidding – everyone. Putting Someone Like You in your #nowplaying would get you more feedbacks. People feel all the same.

And then, here comes the question. HOW OLD ARE YOU, ADELE? The album title is 21. her age is actually 23. (born in 1988) She made the album 21 because that’s how she feels in her 21. this legit question really has something to do with the lyrics in the album. Like when she said “she is half your age but i’m guessing that’s the reason that you strayed” in Rumour Has It, of course she’s singing the song to her lover, or ex-lover, who has a new lover who’s half his age. Get what i mean? How old are you? And fyi, this song is true story. She wrote the song dedicated to her ex-lover. She announced it continously in her concert, attaching more strong statement by giving her 2 middle fingers at the beginning of the song, while singing the song, and in the end. To feel something so deep, full of dissapointment to love, anger, and loss. It’s all too intense. And we all love it. We all feel the same. How old are we? …

No need for me to write all the songs lyrics here. You all knew already, or else, you can google it now. All the same in every song. Even in Love Song (cover version of The Cure) a very romantic song, she made it sound so beautiful yet so sad. The voice of hers, is so beautiful and soulful, so strong. Made the statements stronger. In a sad way, or in my opinion, miserable way, and in her ex-boyfriends opinion (maybe) bitcy, whiny, annoying way.

Her previous album, 19, is happier. Simpler. Maybe because she was 3 years younger. Imagine what these past 3 years has been treating her, romantically. How many broken hearts she’s been to successfully produced this album? My condolence is for her. #pukpuk, Adele.

I can’t wait for another of her work. New album maybe, new songs released. It must be musically awesome, but, for Adele itself, i wish they’re a happy songs. Not that i don’t love her heartbreaking songs, but i truely wish her a happy relationships leading to happier songs. Because i believe, with her vocal and musical quality, it would be great too. Don’t be a specialist in sad, angry songs. Because people think that way. And that my friend, is how 21 is the strongest album of 2011. It dictate your thinking. And feeling.

Adele 21

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