Stanley Kubrick’s The Killing

Once again, Kubrick proves that he is one of the best director of all-time. With this earlier work, he already show the potential about how good he would be. With a story that as tense as a modern thriller, and makes it cooler with a non-linear narrative, that springs many imitation (Tarantino’s Jackie Brown is the first that comes in mind), this is, while not Kubrick’s best feature, but it is easily one the most entertaining, and fast-paced.

If there’s a little flaw, it is the very thin running time. For a man that had crafted a lot of almost 3 hours masterpiece, a 1 and 24 minutes running time is just so tiny. I do feel he could expand the story if he would. He could pull it. But maybe (just maybe), since this is one of his earliest work, he didn’t have that enough of confidence yet..

Now again, the hardest things to do is putting my doubt to argue whether Kubrick really a human being, or a man from another planet. It’s 8 for 8 now for my Kubrick experience.

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