Fellini’s 8 1/2

Yes, that is the working title of 8 1/2, that i found just as describing and as beautiful as the movie itself,alas, 8 1/2 is still a great title though.. okay, now to the review..


What am I gonna said? Surely no words and feelings could describe of the experience that I just had. Damn you, Fellini! After making 3 hours feels just like 3 weeks watching his LA DOLCE VITA, now, with 8 1/2, he makes me, emm.. well, you know, that feelings that you don’t need to do anything anymore in this world, that you just feels your life is complete? Well, this is the movie for me.

This film means perfection. Surreal, metaphorical, full of symbolism, honest, funny, that was just some words that I lucky could think of (like I said earlier, no words could describe this film. Actually, I just tried hard enough!). From the captivating opening, until that wondrous circus conclusion, and along the way, the dream sequence in which all of the women of Guido life comes together? Classic.

Oh and to think that I always associated the wonderful “Rides Of The Valkyrie” with the woeful APOCALYPSE NOW.. Haha! Not anymore !


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