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  • The Raid 2: Berandal

    The Raid 2: Berandal

    An exquisite ballet of death, “Pencak silat”, adalah seni beladiri yang sangat dekat dengan kebudayaan Indonesia khususnya di bagian barat Indonesia yang telah dikenal dan menyebar sejak jaman kerajaan tertua yang melegenda hingga keseluruh pelosok Indonesia. Di era 70 hingga awal 90an, selama bertahun-tahun film bergenre silat memiliki cara dan pendekatan yang identik dalam hal pengembangan cerita dan pengemasannya. Kala itu film bergenre silat seperti Duel Naga Wulung, Pak Sakerah, Lelaki Sejati, saga Angling Dharma, Pendekar Bukit Tengkorak, Si Buta […]

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  • Cocovan – Data Image

    Cocovan – Data Image

    With no support from any label, French synth-pop singer-songwriter Cocovan release her first EP. The EP titled Data Image and contain four tracks. Two of them, Roosevelt Hotel and Bang Bang, are brand new tracks while another two, Babylove and Apples, released February last year as singles. Undeniable, Cocovan music is true pop gem. I’m enjoying every tunes she created for this album. Even she’s French, all of the EP materials written in English, which is rare. You can listen […]

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  • Gangster Squad

    Gangster Squad

    As one of the movies that are released in the first weeks of 2013, Gangster Squad promises a lot of attraction. Its trailer already hailed this film as one of the promising releases in the beginning of 2013, as well as its all-star cast ensemble that may attract wider range of audience despite the genre of the film which is crime film that normally has dark tone and complicated plot. Based on the disclaimer in the opening screen, this movie […]

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  • Albums of The Year (2012)

    Albums of The Year (2012)

    There are so many good albums terribly released in year 2012. Rubbish albums also fortunately unleashed this year. So here i am, as an amateur music lover, try to sort them out to just 13 albums. Why 13? Because 10 is not enough and 20 is too many and i’m too lazy to review them. It is so hard for me to sort them out to only 13.  So many newcomers. So many rubbishes. So many reunited bands. So many […]

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  • Intouchables


    C’est magnifique de simplicité et d’honnêteté - Begins with a black Maserati Quattroporte GTS roaring his ferocious engine sound in the city of Paris at night. Inside the car, the driver bet that he could lose the police chase behind them. It’s truly unexpectedly dashing opening scene with great lighting, great editing, and a beautiful score.  If I must say it is one of the coolest opening scene I’ve ever saw in film, and yeah I’m a Petrol-head and a big fan of Earth, Wind and […]

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  • My Violainé Morning – The Next Episode of This World

    My Violainé Morning – The Next Episode of This World

    My Violainé Morning is an Indonesian experimental shoegaze band based in Bandung, Indonesia. Formed on 2004, they are claiming their sounds as a comprising indie sound scape influenced by experimental shoegaze and post-rock with an ambient dominated and exclusion of delaying guitar. Almost on all of their songs, the band taking every single common instrument into a flowing delay harmonization. Combining two different sound character, wet hard distortion covered up by sparkling clean delaying guitar which we can hear them […]

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  • Star Wars Day Bandung 2012 Review

    Star Wars Day Bandung 2012 Review

    A number of characters in science fiction film “Star Wars” invading Bandung- Celebrating 35 years of Star Wars, in honor of the 1977 release date of Star Wars, a community for Star Wars enthusiasts called Order 66 Bandung Homebase organizes Star Wars Day, a gathering and art exhibitions for Star Wars enthusiast. This event was held at “Gedung Indonesia Menggugat”, Bandung. The event bundled with art exhibition, Star Wars properties and collectible exhibition, Star Wars Fan films screening, and several Star Wars dioramas from the scenes […]

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  • El-P’s Abstract Paranoia In “Cancer 4 Cure”

    El-P’s Abstract Paranoia In “Cancer 4 Cure”

    Brooklynite El-P can give you 999 reasons to be paranoid about the existential nature of our reality, and believe me, they are all good reasons. For as long as 17 years, El-P – originally known as El Producto and born Jaime Meline – has defined the underground hiphop scene with his abstract style of ‘fight music’ whom aims at no other but the whole entire world full of filthy politics and corporate greed. Since his days with Company Flow, El-P […]

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  • Star Wars Day Bandung 2012

    Star Wars Day Bandung 2012

    Minggu, 24 Juni 2012 nanti sekumpulan komunitas penggemar Star Wars akan berkumpul di Bandung dalam rangka merayakan 35 Tahun Star Wars. Seperti disampaikan dalam halaman Facebook mereka, Star Wars Day 2012 merupakan sebuah sarana untuk merayakan usia Star Wars yang memasuki umur 35 tahun sekaligus tempat untuk berkumpulnya komunitas-komunitas penggemar Star Wars di Indonesia. Dalam acara tersebut, akan diperkenalkan aspek-aspek hobi yang didasari atas keberadaan Star Wars, memperkenalkan hobi-hobi tersebut kepada masyarakat umum, dan melihat ke belakang tentang bagaimana sebuah fiksi […]

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  • The Neighbourhood

    The Neighbourhood

    I think i found hell, I think i found something, I think i found something in my TV screen. That’s an intro from an ear-catchy single titled Female Robbery. Female Robbery is a song by The Neighbourhood, and yes, it’s the first time I heard about them too. You never heard about them, neither do I, but one thing for sure we should give their songs a listen. Nothing more I can tell you about this band besides that they […]

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