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  • Official Music Video: DeLooze – Lost Army

    Official Music Video: DeLooze – Lost Army

    Above is an official video for Stacey DeLooze‘s third single Lost Army. The song is her first published single taken from upcoming debut album titled Glass Army. DeLooze has a fast growing ‘GLASS ARMY’ that she has created an online presence for. #jointhemarch began to take shape in April after performances at Tallinn Music Week. Since then people in many different territories around the world have ‘signed up as Glass Army soldiers’ and uploaded pictures of them wearing DeLooze’s badge […]

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  • Daughter – Still

    Daughter – Still

    Last time we give Daughter (Elena Tonra, Igor Haefeli & Remi Aguilella) a review, they were releasing their debut EP His Young Heart in 2011. On 2012, they only release one single titled Smother. Now, kickstarting 2013, on January 24th Daughter release a music video from their latest single Still. Here’s a good news, Still is taken from their forthcoming album. The album titled If You Leave, and will be released on March  18th in Europe and end of April for North […]

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  • Feldspar – The Flat and Paper Sky

    Feldspar – The Flat and Paper Sky

    On the back of their second EP launching The Flat and Paper Sky Vol II on the 3rd December, Feldspar proudly present their new video ‘The Flat and Paper Sky’ to accompany the title track. The video, directed by North London filmmaker Craig Heathcote, captures unusual events occurring in everyday environments. The seven vignettes that comprise the video are the perfect accompaniment to Feldspar’s haunting a capella track. The video focuses on the human face and explores the range of emotions […]

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  • Albums of The Year (2012)

    Albums of The Year (2012)

    There are so many good albums terribly released in year 2012. Rubbish albums also fortunately unleashed this year. So here i am, as an amateur music lover, try to sort them out to just 13 albums. Why 13? Because 10 is not enough and 20 is too many and i’m too lazy to review them. It is so hard for me to sort them out to only 13.  So many newcomers. So many rubbishes. So many reunited bands. So many […]

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  • Mumford & Sons – Lover of The Light

    Mumford & Sons – Lover of The Light

    Satu lagi video musik yang dibuat setelah satu tahun lagunya diperkenalkan. Setelah Feist menayangkan Graveyard beberapa hari lalu, sekarang kita punya Mumford & Sons yang baru saja merilis video musik untuk Lover of The Light. Track ini diambil dari album shopomore Mumford & Sons: Babel, meski Babel baru saja dirilis satu bulan yang lalu namun lagu ini sudah mulai diperkenalkan saat mereka melakukan tur album debut mereka tahun lalu: Sigh No More. Menggembirakan bagi saya pribadi, sebab Lover of The […]

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  • Feist – Graveyard

    Feist – Graveyard

    Ketika mendengarkan Graveyard, ini bukanlah gambaran yang ada di kepala saya. Feist memang lebih artsy akhir-akhir ini, apalagi ketika menyangkut pembuatan video musik untuk track-track yang berasal dari album paling barunya, Metals. Apa yang ada dalam imajinasi saya adalah sebuah graveyard yang kusam dengan sedikit sentuhan warna kecoklatan di sepanjang video. Well, sebuah tempat terbuka yang bernuansa hitam-putih dengan latar belakang hutan yang terkesan gelap dan dingin bisa saja saya nikmati karena ini Feist dan Graveyard adalah sebuah lagu yang […]

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  • Regina Spektor – How

    Regina Spektor – How

    Her sixth studio album What We Saw From The Cheap Seats released with suprising concept back in May, Regina Spektor publish a music video for one of album’s singles today. Track titled How, How finds the singer-songwriter pondering how she can never forget the warm embrace of her lover. Even though the video doesn’t represent its lyric, it’s visualize Regina’s casual on writing and playing her music: simplicity. Her voice and piano, as always. Directed by Margo Weathers, I tried very hard […]

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  • Mayday Red

    Mayday Red

    Mayday Red are Jeremy Hoop and Rachel Koller, a dynamic duo that covering popular songs. You can find their music videos on YouTube or visiting their BandCamp page for songs download.  Mayday Red not just cover songs, they said, they are re-imagine them and shape into something entirely new; into something they love and they hope that we will love too. Above is an introductory video with both Jeremy and Rachel, talking about how they end up in a duo […]

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  • I Am In Love – Palm

    I Am In Love – Palm

    I Am In Love release the video for their new single Palm, which is lighting up the blogosphere with its infectious, yet edgy brand of shoegaze electro pop. Palm is the third single from Leicester based shoe-gaze electro 4-piece I Am In Love, oficial statement said that the single will be released on 22nd October 2012 via Velocity Sounds Records. Having scored a spot on BBC Radio 1’s playlist with their debut single I Want You, Palm shows the band continuing their […]

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  • Bat for Lashes – Laura

    Bat for Lashes – Laura

    British Indie-somber-pop singer-songwriter, Natasha Khan, recently announced that her third album The Haunted Man will be released on October 15th/16th. Natasha Khan, better known by her stage name Bat for Lashes, is an English singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. She sings and plays the piano, bass, guitar, and the autoharp. Natasha already has two albums, Fur and Gold (2006) and Two Suns (2009). Two Suns got her nominated for Best Female Solo Artist at 2010 BRIT Awards. Video above titled Laura, her first single from the upcoming […]

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