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  • Gianna Lauren – Anchor Down

    Gianna Lauren – Anchor Down

    Single yang meramu indie rock, perkusi atmosferik dan alunan gitar yang tenang ini diambil dari album ketiga Gianna Lauren yang berjudul On Personhood. Gianna Lauren adalah seorang musisi asal Ontario, Kanada yang saat ini menetap di Halifax, Nova Scotia yang menawarkan komunitas musik indie kolaboratif.  On Personhood berisikan 6 lagu dan akan resmi dirilis 5 Mei 2014 nanti melalui Forward Music, single pertama ‘Anchor Down’ saat ini tersedia untuk diunduh melalui laman SoundCloud mereka selama beberapa waktu kedepan. Gianna yang konsisten […]

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  • Official Music Video: DeLooze – Lost Army

    Official Music Video: DeLooze – Lost Army

    Above is an official video for Stacey DeLooze‘s third single Lost Army. The song is her first published single taken from upcoming debut album titled Glass Army. DeLooze has a fast growing ‘GLASS ARMY’ that she has created an online presence for. #jointhemarch began to take shape in April after performances at Tallinn Music Week. Since then people in many different territories around the world have ‘signed up as Glass Army soldiers’ and uploaded pictures of them wearing DeLooze’s badge […]

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  • My Violaine Morning – Lost

    My Violaine Morning – Lost

    Last time we heard about them, they were releasing debut album: The Next Episode of This World (2011). Been pretty quiet in 2012, My Violainé Morning send me a good news about preparing their next album. It’s a mini album, titled Episode #1 as they mentioned on their press release. After a while we’ve been busy with preparation of Episode #1 Mini Album we realized that we need to publish our new sounds to all of you as the audiences. So here […]

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  • Cocovan – Data Image

    Cocovan – Data Image

    With no support from any label, French synth-pop singer-songwriter Cocovan release her first EP. The EP titled Data Image and contain four tracks. Two of them, Roosevelt Hotel and Bang Bang, are brand new tracks while another two, Babylove and Apples, released February last year as singles. Undeniable, Cocovan music is true pop gem. I’m enjoying every tunes she created for this album. Even she’s French, all of the EP materials written in English, which is rare. You can listen […]

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  • Crimsound – Bang!

    Crimsound – Bang!

    There’s no much indie rock band we’ve heard from Bandar Lampung, Crimsound is one of Lampung folks that smart enough spreading their first single through the internet. Bang! falling to my lap in an early Sunday morning, my first thought was: it has pretty danceable sounds. The electronic influence that layered their music that become its selling point, those made an appealing intro with a kicking bass after it. I need to give a positive thought about that particular part. Vocal […]

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  • Zoo – Prasasti

    Zoo – Prasasti

    To say that Zoo is abnormal would be cruel. Their music is anthromorphopic, swerving from one edge to the other in a cacophony of sound and Rully Shabara’s powerful, exuberant vocals. From their visceral debut EP ‘Kebun Binatang’ to the wild, experimental sounds of their 2009 offering ‘Trilogi Peradaban’, they have broke new ground in producing some of the most powerful yet enigmatic music yet seen in Jogjakarta’s vibrant art scene. A crazy mixture of breathtaking post-punk, guttural noise, math-rock […]

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  • Solterra – Umbra

    Solterra – Umbra

    Band rock progresif instrumental Solterra saya perkenalkan pertama kali Mei 2012 lalu, itu adalah ketika EP debut mereka Soul Earth Sun berhasil membuat saya jatuh hati. November 2012 lalu, empat orang musisi asal Fort Collins FL ini merilis EP kedua mereka yang berjudul Umbra. Umbra, mengandung tingkatan awesomeness yang sama dengan Soul Earth Sun, artinya tidak lebih banyak tapi juga tidak lebih sedikit, you can stream (or download) the whole album after the jump. Jumlah track di Umbra separo (berisi 7  track) […]

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  • Daughter – Still

    Daughter – Still

    Last time we give Daughter (Elena Tonra, Igor Haefeli & Remi Aguilella) a review, they were releasing their debut EP His Young Heart in 2011. On 2012, they only release one single titled Smother. Now, kickstarting 2013, on January 24th Daughter release a music video from their latest single Still. Here’s a good news, Still is taken from their forthcoming album. The album titled If You Leave, and will be released on March  18th in Europe and end of April for North […]

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  • Antonia Vai

    Antonia Vai

    A 24 year old Swedish singer-songwriter Antonia Vai are well-established artist on the music scene of Stockhom. She’s also a multi-instrumentalist and has been titled as a “bohemian soul diva”, a little bit strange because somehow Vai has clearly been influenced by folk. Vai focused on storytelling, shaped by rhythms and unique melodies, trying her best so every song turns into a journey. As mentioned on her official site, Antonia Vai began recording her songs in the bedroom or in random hotel rooms […]

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  • Adios Nine’s Twin EP

    Adios Nine’s Twin EP

    I’m about to give these guys a review –damn even this post was a draft since Friday, when suddenly Marra Records contact me through the contact page. Sure, buddy, anything I can do to spread some thought about these talented musician. The guys from Adios Nine said that, We believe that everyone should always have an alternative media to express themselves and freedom of choice to appreciate arts and music. but after 3 EPs in two years time, Adios Nine […]

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