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  • Star Wars Day Jakarta 2013

    Star Wars Day Jakarta 2013

    Mengingat kesuksesan Star Wars Day Bandung sebelumnya, kali ini Order 66 Sith (Komunitas Star Wars Indonesia) akan menyelenggarakan-nya di Jakarta. Star Wars Day Jakarta (SWDJKT) 2013 yang akan dihelat di Balai Kartini pada 18 dan 19 Mei 2013 ini mengusung konsep yang tidak jauh berbeda dari SWD sebelumnya, hanya saja kali ini akan diselenggarakan lebih AKBAR! Dalam event ini, kita akan disuguhi dengan Star Wars Timeline (1977 until now), Diorama, Life Size Star Wars Statues, Star Wars Art Project and […]

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  • A Nightmare on Elm Street

    A Nightmare on Elm Street

    Penggemar film horror klasik? Tentunya wajib nonton horror besutan Wes Craven yang satu ini. Sutradara yang terkenal akan produksi-produksi horrornya ini mampu mengemas film ini dengan apik. Berbeda dengan tiga sekuel film Freddy Krueger yang diproduksi setelah tahun 1984, bahkan jauh berbeda dengan berbagai remake A Nightmare on Elm Street yang diproduksi pada era 2000an. Craven mampu untuk setia menghadirkan teror klasik yang khas Amerika dari awal hingga akhir cerita. Gaya teror yang begitu tiba-tiba dan di luar dugaan menghiasi […]

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  • Submarine


    A teenage romance comedy which its tone of Welsh is very thick –adapted from a novel with the same title written by Joe Durthone. The movie is about the life of a teenage boy, Oliver Tate, whose surroundings are attached with romanticism. Fully aware of his moderate position and potential, Oliver wishes that he could build a romantic relationship with a girl just like the other teenagers do. Beyond of his doubt, Jordana Bevan, the girl whom he has a […]

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  • Bowerbirds – Tuck The Darkness In

    Bowerbirds – Tuck The Darkness In

    We have seen the 6 minutes documentary about their daily life. The mini documentary also show us how The Clearing was made. In case you missed it, you can watch the video on my previous post about Bowerbirds. Four days ago, this fourth studio album released. In the same time, they are release their first music video from the album for public. The track titled Tuck The Darkness In, which also their first single relesed for public three months ago. […]

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  • Nite Jewel – In The Dark

    Nite Jewel – In The Dark

    Series of female musician I’ve reviewed before this seems likely turn me into specific genre-oriented or just simply a fanboy of a certain “things” in music. Well I’m not. What happening here are how I find difficult not to see a good music without brought by majority. The fact is there are less male musician surfacing rather than female musician these days. Well, I hope I’m wrong about that. It’s only first quarter of 2012, nobody knows what’s comming, yes? […]

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